Street construction continues into fall

Lewistown Section Supervisor Ken Schanz, left, and Denton’s Mike Ihly, right, rut fill Main Street Wednesday afternoon as part of the Montana Department of Transportation’s efforts to the road until it’s next new layer of pavement.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman


School’s in session but road construction continues, in some cases from projects started last school year.

Last spring, the City of Lewistown started the Seventh Avenue curb and gutter replacement project, contracting Century Companies for part of the work. The private firm was responsible for putting in new curb and gutter.

Ken Crouse, Century’s Civil Group Vice President, reported the work has been completed. The next step is paving the street, a process controlled by Montana Department of Transportation.

“The state is putting out a contract to do a mill and overlay on Seventh,” he said. “It’s tied to the Casino Creek overlay.”

Crouse explained mill and overlay means grinding up the top layer of asphalt and then laying down a new layer. The MDT’s bid packet shows construction on Seventh Street starting at Boulevard Street and ending at the truck bypass. Work on Casino Creek Drive will start at its intersection with Carroll Trail and go to Sharptail Avenue.

Crouse said Century plans to bid on the project, but added the company currently has no other upcoming projects on Lewistown streets.

“Main Street is done, Seventh is done and we just finished the demo of the Mill Building on Main Street, so that won’t affect the trails any longer,” he said.

Century is also a detail away from completing the two-year long Lewistown West Overpass Project, according to Crouse.

“The only thing we have left on the project is the handrails on the retention basin at the DOT,” he said. “The handrails are done, they’re at the paint booth right now, and the subcontractor should be installing them in the next couple of weeks.”

Ken Hamblen, MDT’s Area Maintenance Superintendent, reported work was also winding down on Lewistown’s state-owned roads. Residents may notice an MDT presence on Main Street, though.

“We are just basically filling in the rut and the cracking because we’re about two years out from doing a mill and overlay on Main Street,” he said.

The hot asphalt stopped pouring with this week’s rain, but Hamblen said the work would continue east when the temperatures rise and the ground dries out.



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