Meadows receive $3.2 million for rehab

Micki Phillips, property manager at Meadows Senior Apartments, holds up the letter that notified her employer they were receiving $3.2 million in federal Housing Credits to rehabilitate the property.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman


The third time’s the charm, at least for the Meadows Senior Apartments. Owning company Thies and Talle had its third attempt at a competitive state process rewarded with $3.2 million in federal Housing Credits. The money will go towards rehabilitating the property.

Kent Mortimer, director of compliance for developer Thies and Talle, is excited for the renovation. He reported the work will focus on ADA-accessibility standards, improved energy efficiency and increasing infrastructure longevity.

“The goal is to start in May and hopefully finish by the end of 2018, if possible,” he said.

Mortimer reported the renovation will include a lot of external projects, such as redoing sidewalks and the parking lot. The apartments will also be improved, but he added residents wouldn’t need to relocate.

“We have another property where we’ve done something similar in the past,” he said. “What we’ve done is do all of the things in a unit in one day.”

That includes work on the structures themselves, according to Mortimer.

“A lot of work will be for energy efficiency, like replacing insulation inside the walls and in the ceilings, and installing better doors, all to keep the heat in,” he said.

While warmth is something everyone wants at home, Property Manager Micki Phillips knows about something else that will have residents excited: microwaves and dishwashers. The property hasn’t undergone a renovation of this size since its 1978 completion, when ovens were the only kitchen appliances installed.

Phillips is eager for the improvements the project will bring, but said the Central Montana community deserves some of the credit for them.

This was Thies and Talle’s third time applying, and this application included support from the Lewistown City Commission, Lewistown City Manager Holly Phelps and Fergus County Commissioner Sandy Youngbauer.

Phillips said all of the groups reached out to the state on the project’s behalf, along with several Meadows residents who traveled to Helena to voice their support. Mortimer agreed local support was key in winning the award.

“All of the support we got from the City and the residents was really helpful, and we wouldn’t have won without it,” he said.

The community will get some of that support back, according to Mortimer. Thies and Talle has promised the City Commission it will use local contractors for the renovation.

According to a Montana Housing Division press release, the project will result in 39 Montana jobs earning $1.7 million in wages.



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