‘He does not know what he is doing’

Dear Editor,
I just read the article, political, by a Mr. Lawrence K. Pettit, who I think is a native Lewistownite. It is possible that he is not, of course.
I noticed Mr. Pettit had served as top official at several liberal, as opposed to liberal arts maybe, institutions of so-called higher learning, where he no doubt made sure no genuine conservative professor or outside speaker was allowed to teach.
The last paragraph kind of stressed me out, however, declaring that one of the candidates for U.S. president has been a constant faith member of the Methodist church, and adhered to the “Beatitudes” all the time. There is a suspicion that 99 percent of Methodists would have a different view of how the candidate adhered to their “Beatitudes,” but would still vote for this person because of who it is.
So we can forgive Mr. Pettit for his observations, because in Jesus’ quoted words from the cross, “he does not know what he is doing.”
May God have mercy on US.
Lee Hoyer



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