‘High Notes for Kids’ gives free piano lessons to students

Central Montana students have the opportunity to receive free piano lessons, thanks to the “High Notes for Kids” piano program. Currently, the “High Notes” program provides lessons to almost 20 students in the Central Montana area. The program is made possible through the generous donations of many individuals, businesses, and civic groups. Other donations have included pianos and piano music.

Parents who are interested in learning how children can sign up through the “High Notes” program can pick up an application at any of the area schools or call Mary Kepler at 535-8283. Students are eligible for “High Notes” if they qualify for the school free or reduced lunch program. Students who are enrolled in “High Notes” may continue receiving lessons from year to year with no charge. There are a number of students who are becoming accomplished young pianists through this program.

If there are piano teachers in the area who would like to become involved in the program they should contact Mary Kepler 535-8283.

Funding for a program such as High Notes is an ongoing effort. Anyone who is interested in making a tax-deductible contribution may do so by writing a check to the Central Montana Foundation with a notation of “High Notes for Kids” in the memo section of the check. People who donate can be assured that their money is staying within the community, and because eligibility is income based, donors know they are helping kids who need the assistance.

There is solid research that links early keyboard practice with increased academic gains. Music and learning go hand in hand. The philosophy of “High Notes for Kids” is that every child who wants to take piano should be given that opportunity.

In the words of John Moffat, founder of this program, “'High Notes for Kids' is definitely a win-win situation for our donors and our kids.”



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