‘I got one!’ Weather no deterrent for beginning anglers

News-Argus Staff
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Cade Briggs waits for his dad Shawn to put a new worm on his line while mom Felecia watches daughter Calbria’s bobber Saturday at the annual Kids’ Fishing Day.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

The annual Fish, Wildlife and Parks/Bureau of Land Management Kid’s Fishing Day on Saturday at the Frog Ponds saw plenty of action, despite somewhat windy and rainy conditions.

“Turnout was on the light side but the kids had fun,” said Walleyes Unlimited member Allan Minear. The Crooked Creek Walleyes group provides support for the event each year, as does the local chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Minear said he visited with kids and parents, assisting the youngsters learning the art of fishing.

“There was one little boy who, every time he saw his bobber move, gave that rod a pull like he was setting a hook in a paddlefish,” Minear said. “I helped him with a little advice so he’d be more successful.”

Minear said kids caught plenty of fish while he was there, and there were lots of prizes to go around.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks and BLM staff worked the event, which included demonstrations on water safety, casting and fish identification geared for children ages 3-12.

“It’s something we enjoy doing and everyone has a great time,” said Bruce Auchly, FWP information and education manager for region 4, who was in town for the event.

Auchly said prizes, including fishing poles, nets, tackle boxes and other equipment are purchased at local businesses and awarded to kids who attend the event.

Minear said he was impressed with the quality of the prizes.

“There was some tackle the kids won that I wouldn’t mind owning,” he said, laughing.

Both Minear and Auchly say they feel the event is important in teaching youngsters to appreciate the outdoors and outdoor recreation.

“Events like this are vitally important so we can keep kids off their computers and cell phones,” Minear said, adding that he feels outdoor recreation makes kids healthier.



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