‘Make It Happen’ receives grant from Red Ants Pants Foundation

By Charlie Denison
Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Red Ants Pants Foundation announced a $1,600 grant to Lewistown’s Make It Happen Montana Kindness Project.

According to a Red Ants Pants Foundation news release, “This project celebrates the brilliance of quiet student heroes who inspire our teachers every day with their dedication, imagination and thoughtfulness.”

Funds from the RAP Foundation will “help cover costs of the production and assembly” of the Kindness Project, which the RAP news release calls a “heartwarming project that honors outstanding young people and seeks to make kindness cool again.” Make It Happen co-founder Renee Stephens said she’s overjoyed to receive a grant from the RAP Foundation.

“We are excited and honored that a Foundation whose mission is so similar to ours can see the value in a project that shows people they matter – people who might otherwise not know it,” Stephens said.

Make It Happen was one of eight nonprofits to receive a grant from the Red Ants Pants Foundation this year. The Kindness Project is in its second year and Make It Happen hopes to continue spreading the message in Lewistown and elsewhere around the state.

“Kindness is a difficult thing to spread sometimes,” Stephens said, “but that’s what we are here to do. We want to show people the power of kindness. We want people to know that what they choose to do – no matter how small or large – does matter. Someone is watching you and being inspired by you.”

The message is catching on, and the RAP Foundation is happy to help Make It Happen spread the word.

“We love what you are doing and are proud to support it,” an RAP representative posted on the Make It Happen Facebook page. “In additional to making kindness cool again, you made us cry with your incredible grant application.”

The Red Ants Pants Foundation Community Grant Program is made possible by proceeds from the Red Ants Pants Music Festival. The foundation awarded over $15,000 in grants this year.

For more information, go www.redantspantsfoundation.org/grants.



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