‘When they go low, we go high’

Dear Editor,
This campaign season has been the most disrespectful I have ever witnessed, and Ed Butcher didn’t let me down with his smut about Governor Steve Bullock. And, I know in my heart, responding to a mean-spirited, disgusting slur against a person is the right thing to do.
Does Ed think what he wrote will cause everyone to actually believe it because he was despicable enough to write it. Or, actually change our vote because of his ‘locker room trash’ talk? I am tired of that excuse and I’m sure that I am not the only one.
How many times have people tried to destroy the good reputation of men or women; done a quick character assassination? Shame on you.
To quote Michelle Obama, “when they go low, we go high.” And, high is a vote for Governor Steve Bullock for a second term so he can continue to put Montanans first and keep our beautiful state under his supervision and protection.
Patti Farley



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