“Killing You Softly” concert returns to Jack’s Hangar Saturday

Charlie Denison


Steven Ray Hughes performs an original love song during the  “Killing You Softly” 2014 show. Hughes will be back at it again Saturday night. Other local musicians will also get in on the action.

Photo courtesy of Dave Rummans

Just because it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore doesn’t mean you can’t go on another date.

Lewistown singer/songwriter Dave Rummans wants to make sure this is the case, as he has put together another concert of local musicians at Jack’s Hangar to celebrate the romantic holiday.

“You can’t get enough love,” Rummans said.

And this upcoming concert, “Killing You Softly With Their Songs,” will satisfy the soul, and the heart’s desire, Rummans said, with performances from Randy Berry, Steven Ray Hughes, Infinity and Quasar Thomson, Christie Aldrich, Chris Hildebrant, Neil Hamilton, John Campbell, Rummans and others.

“It’s going to be a good show,” Rummans said. “And it’s a great show to take a date, too. You can prove you’re not a one-date-a-year kind of person.”

Make no mistake about it, Rummans added, the show is not just for couples.

“If you’re single, come to the show!” he said. “Who knows…you might meet someone.”

For those familiar with the Valentine’s Day shows at Jack’s Hangar, there will be some familiar faces, but there will also be new ones, as Jeanne Moe, Michael Hamling, Angela Alaers and Zane “Z-Man” Hauser are all making their show debuts. Moe will perform a classic cover, Hamling will join Hildebrant, Alaers will sing with Hamilton and “Z-man” will play drums on a number of tunes.

Calista Singley, a Lewistown native, will also be returning for the show, performing her own set and collaborating with Rummans on a song.

“We’re excited to have her back,” Rummans said. “It’s been a while since she’s been in one of these productions.

This show will also be the first time Les LaFranier (of Mustache Pete fame) performs his own set. In the past, he has only backed people up playing bass.

“Les will perform an original and he will also play a vocal-saxophone duet with Chris Hildebrant,” Rummans said. “That will be a beautiful moment.”

The show beings at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at the Lewistown Art Center.



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