“Wintersongs” returns for fifth straight year

Charlie Denison

Quasar Thomson is one of many local musicians featured in the fifth installment of “Wintersongs” Saturday, Dec. 17 at Jack’s Hangar. All proceeds go to the Lewistown Art Center.

Photo courtesy of Dave Rummans


For the fifth straight year, musicians from around Fergus County are getting together to put on a winter-themed show, featuring songs about the holidays, the weather and what the season represents to them.

Throughout the evening, the audience hears a mix of original music and cover songs spanning decades and incorporating multiple genres.

People in attendance also see a wide variety of arrangements from the musicians, who have been working together year after year.

“The more we do this show, the more it comes together,” said Dave Rummans, show organizer and Lewistown singer/songwriter. “I am always excited to hear what the musicians will bring to the event. I may know what song they intend to play, but not what their approach will be to the music. Hearing their personal touch to the arrangements and the musical collaborations is such a joy.”

Featured acts include Rummans, Neil Hamilton and John Campbell, Haeli and Jaxon Allen, Vernie Sweeney and J.R. Rutherford, Chris Hildebrant, Steve Hughes, the Charlie Denison Band, Gene Meier, Infinity and Quasar Thomson and first-timers Rachael and Emily Schwaller.

“It’s going to be a good one,” Rummans said. “Hope to see you there.”

All proceeds for the show go to the Lewistown Art Center, which is also where tickets are sold.



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