2017 Central Montana Fair School Exhibits

Can you create a drawing using only words? Marvel at the colorful Ukrainian eggs. Study plant and animal cell models along with DNA keys. Read Haikus, stories written about goats, hunting, and cats, or verb poems. Stop by and see what the students of Central Montana created last school year.

The projects were created by students from Ayers, Deerfield, King Colony, Spring Creek Colony, Denton, Grass Range, Moore, Roy, Winifred and Winnett Schools. Grade K-8 students submitted 426 projects while 9th-12th grade students submitted 67.


Sweepstakes winners

Rural schools:

1st – Ayers Elementary

2nd – Spring Creek Colony Elementary

3rd – Deerfield Elementary

4th – King Colony Elementary


Class “C” schools:

1st – Denton Public Schools

2nd – Moore Schools

3rd – Winifred K-12 School


Judges’ Choice: Best of Show


4-6 grade students – Micrography Contour Line


Kindergarten and first-grade students – Animal Research Drawing


The projects are displayed by class and age group rather than by school. Each school has their own color-coded tags to make it easier to find the school you are especially interested in.

Rural schools: Ayers – pink, Deerfield – light blue, King Colony – gold, Spring Creek Colony – gray.

Class “C” schools: Denton – purple, Grass Range – blue, Moore – green, Roy – orange, Winnett – white, Winifred – red.

Exhibits will be open for viewing from July 26–29 in the upstairs of the Ag Building. Viewing times are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Wednesday through Friday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.



Where is your favorite place to go camping in Central Montana?