2017 Fergus Eagle junior varsity volleyball

Ashley Jenness
Junior Varsity Coach

The JV volleyball team ended their 2017 season with a 2-4 conference record and a 7-11 overall record. It was a very up and down season with injuries, but through it all we fought hard as a team and were very flexible in moving our rotations around to accommodate.
We were led by our sophomores: Jacy Ayers a defensive specialist, middle hitter Aubrey Handran, defensive specialist Libbey Jenness, defensive specialist Shelby Long, setter Macy Mangold, and outside hitter Steph Olson. Rounding out our team were our freshman: Trinity Edwards a middle hitter, outside hitter Jessica Morgan, middle hitter Taylin Trafton, and right side hitter Kylie Zimmer.
As a team we aced our opponents 152 times, dug up 658 balls, and put away 395 kills displaying growth in each category throughout the season. Showing grit at the end of the season by beating Havre in three was a highlight for me as a coach.



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