60th Columbia Sheep show and sale held in Lewistown

Conner Klick of Simms shows off his 1st-place Yearling and Grand Champion Ram.         Photo courtesy of Luanne Wallewein


Montana Columbia sheep producers hosted their 60th annual show and sale on Aug. 26 in Lewistown. The event featured a wool show, competitive classes for registered Columbia sheep, junior classes, hot lunch prepared and served by 4-H club members, an educational presentation about management strategies for control of sheep parasites, a benefit fund raiser, Youth Starter Flock awards, and a lively sale of both registered and range rams and registered and commercial ewes.

David Brown, Columbia sheep breeder and executive secretary of North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers Association, judged the show. The following are his top two choices in each class.


Wool Show:

Ram Fleeces: 1st Place and Champion Ram Fleece – Blackman Columbias; 2nd Place – Kevin Langhus

Ewe Fleeces: 1st Place, Champion Ewe Fleece and Overall Champion Fleece – Timber Coulee Columbias (Luanne Wallewein); 2nd Place – Langhus Columbias


Open Sheep Show:

Ewe Lambs: 1st Place – Hart Sheep Company; 2nd Place – Gibbs Columbias

Yearling Ewes: 1st Place and Grand Champion Ewe – Hart Sheep Company; 2nd Place and Reserve Champion Ewe – Langhus Columbias

Ram Lambs: 1st Place – Gibbs Columbias; 2nd Place – Gibbs Columbias

Yearling Rams: 1st Place and Grand Champion Ram – Crossroads Columbias (Conner Klick); 2nd Place and Reserve Champion Ram – Hitch Columbias


Junior Sheep Show:

Ewe Lambs: 1st Place – Jordan Leach; 2nd Place – Garnet Gibbs

Yearling Ewe: 1st Place – Jeannie Blackman

Aged Ewes: 1st Place – Maclay Harris; 2nd Place – Faith Gasvoda

Ram Lamb: 1st Place – Conner Klick

Yearling Ram: 1st Place – Conner Klick


Youth Starter Flocks were awarded to three new junior members: Faith Gasvoda of Big Sandy, Maclay Harris of Conrad, and Jordan Leach of Ledger. Each recipient received four donated ewes and/or ewe lambs and will be guided by an adult member of Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of Montana.

Mary Langhus won the handmade gold and silver–plated trophy buckle that was donated by David Brown. Her final bid of $1,050 will be donated to eastern Montana agricultural producers impacted by the Lodgepole Complex wildfire.


Sale results are as follows:

Ten registered yearling rams sold for an average of $545, four ram lambs brought an average of $500, and three yearling range rams averaged $567. The four highest-selling rams, topping the sale at $650, were Klick’s Grand Champion Ram, Langhus’s registered yearling, Gibbs’ first-place ram lamb, and a Blackman range ram. Nine registered yearling ewes sold for an average of $247, seven ewe lambs brought an average of $232; seven commercial yearling ewes averaged $250.



When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?