Accusations against Gianforte ironic

Dear Editor,

The musician who is running for a Montana political position in Washington, D.C., objects to Greg Gianforte because Greg became a millionaire inventing electronic new businesses out of his garage in Bozeman. Isn’t this what Montana wants, a businessman who hires and makes money?

The musician objects to Greg Gianforte because Greg came from an American eastern state, Pennsylvania, not New Jersey. Yet the Democratic opponent wants immigrants from foreign nations and hole-in-the-wall cities for the foreigners.

Wait a minute, isn’t it the Democrats who’ve been setting aside Montana land for the Fish, Game and Parks and other government land-holdings, especially along all edges of rivers, streams and creeks away from the landowners? So is the musician accusing Greg Gianforte of what he, the musician, has and would do?

Bobbie Cox




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