Action for Eastern Montana receives matched $2,500 donation

Mid-Rivers Communications is proud to announce its annual holiday donation to Action for Eastern Montana. The funds are distributed to families in need in the Mid-Rivers and Action for Eastern Montana service areas. This year’s $2,500 donation from Mid-Rivers was again matched by CoBank, a nationwide cooperative bank, through their Sharing Success grant program. Action for Eastern Montana will distribute these funds to disadvantaged families as a gift certificate so that they may shop their local grocery stores to purchase the ingredients needed for a holiday meal.

Mid-Rivers made the decision several years ago to forego sending holiday greeting cards and use the money instead to assist families. Mid-Rivers applied for the matching grant from CoBank on behalf of Action for Eastern Montana. CoBank began the Sharing Success grant program in 2012 as a way of partnering with their customers to strengthen rural communities.

“Mid-Rivers believes in our role as a community partner and in giving back to the communities we serve. We are glad to be able to provide families in this area with the ability to enjoy a holiday meal,” said Michael Candelaria, Mid-Rivers’ general manager.

Action for Eastern Montana is a nonprofit community action agency dedicated to assisting individuals and families toward self-sufficiency in 17 counties in eastern Montana.

Mid-Rivers is a broadband provider serving a 30,000-square-mile area in 21 counties of Eastern Montana and three counties in North Dakota.



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