Aelie Rowell balancing three jobs this summer


Aelie Rowell is a working girl, balancing three jobs this summer to save up for her college days at the

University of Montana. Photo courtesy of Aelie Rowell

Lifeguarding at the pool, waiting tables at the café and cleaning rooms at the hotel, Winifred junior Aelie Rowell is working hard this summer, earning money she plans to save for college. “I want to go to the University of Montana in Missoula and I want to have a credit card I can use while I’m there, too,” she said. At U of M, Rowell plans to study psychology and hopes some day to be a therapist. Staying busy while planning ahead, Aelie said it often doesn’t feel like work, as she enjoys her jobs. “Lifeguarding is fun,” she said. “I help kids 1-12 with swimming lessons. I love it. At first they are pretty scared to get in the water, and then they start to get it. It’s cool to see their progress and help them along.” She likes Café Winifred, too. “I really like working there, helping with food and getting drinks,” she said. “The people are really friendly and the tips are good.” As for the hotel, the job is essentially on-call, and she is just happy to help clean some rooms, filling in when needed, as International Suites (located in A’s Building on Main Street) is up and running now. “Sometimes one of the managers will just come by the café and ask me if I could clean a room when I get off my shift,” Aelie said. “I don’t mind.” Despite all the working, Aelie said she still makes time for fun activities, as well. “I go camping, I go to the river, I go to McDonald’s in Lewistown with friends to get some fries,” she said. “I hang out with my brother, Calvin, and step-brother Rex, too. Calvin and his dirt bike are usually never apart, though.” When the school year begins, Aelie will put a lot of time into academics and homework. While not doing schoolwork, she’ll be busy with her other passion: sports. “I’m a sports addict,” she said. “I like volleyball, basketball and softball. My favorite is volleyball. I like to serve and play around. I get hyped up.” Aeelie said if she got an opportunity to play volleyball in college she’d take it, but she wasn’t counting on it. That being the case, she said she is going to make the most out of her time competing as a Roy-Winifred Outlaw. “It’s going to be a good year,” she said.


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