Ag Research Roundup draws crowd in Lewistown

Montana State University’s Central Agricultural Research Center is located on 600 acres just west of Moccasin. Since 1907, CARC has been conducting research to provide central Montana producers with relevant information about crop cultivars and agricultural practices. From the CARC website, “The mission of the research center is to serve the specific needs of the clientele in local production areas and the broader needs of Montana agriculture in general through applied research directed to the problems and impacts of agricultural production. New knowledge generated by Agricultural Research Center programs benefits Montana agriculture and the scientific community at local, state and national levels. This knowledge is disseminated to the agricultural industry in Montana through publications and teaching to improve the economic status and quality of life of its citizens.”

On Dec. 7, CARC held their first Research Roundup in Lewistown, where staff from the Center and other professionals shared their research with the local agriculture community. Speakers included Dr. Kelsey Jencso with the Montana Climate Office; Dr. Clain Jones, MSU Extension soil fertility specialist; and CARC staff members Heather Fryer, Simon Fordyce, Dr. Jed Eberly, and Dr. Patrick Carr. The presenters covered a wide range of topics including drought outlook, soil nutrient management during dry years, pulse and oilseed crop research, grain variety trials, cropping systems research and promoting agriculture on social media. These presentations were highly relevant to producers, which was evidenced by the amount of audience engagement, and the thoughtful questions that came out of discussion. Of course, drought is a hot topic after the severe weather during 2017’s growing season, but pulse crop (peas, lentils, chickpeas) research also generated a lot of interest, because in recent years, Montana has taken the lead for the greatest number of pulse crop acres in the nation. The meeting was incredibly successful with 47 attendees, and the CARC plans to continue this forum in the future.

You can find more information about the Central Agricultural Research Center and their work, as well as presentations from the Roundup, online at The CARC will also be holding a field tour on July 12, 2018, for those interested in touring the research center.



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