All livestock needs management, including bison

Dear Editor,

In reference to the Bison rancher letter in the May 18 issue of the News-Argus:

We need to take a proactive approach to protect the livestock industry in Fergus County. With the recent purchase of the PN ranch and proposed loss of cattle to be exchanged for bison, the ordinance has been introduced in a timely manner. The current problem is not related to the bison ranchers who are already controlling their livestock but with a group like the American Prairie Reserve who are advocating "wild, free roaming" animals in a vast area of Central Montana.

All livestock needs management. Whether you run cattle, sheep, horses or bison you control numbers by the grass your property produces. For an example of bad management practices you only need to look at Yellowstone Park. The agencies know the park can only run a certain number of bison yet these numbers have been allowed to explode, degrading the resource and forcing grazers out of the park for forage.

Groups that manage in a disruptive and negligent manner will not like this type of management but they don't have to "like it" – so to speak – as these particular groups are the intruders, disrupting an accepted and locally productive livestock business.

John S. and Nancy Schultz

Grass Range



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