Allan Charles Sicz



Allan was born Dec. 17, 1942 to Charles and Helen Sicz. Overcome by cancer on Dec. 14, 2017, he is now in Heaven. 

Allan in survived by three siblings, Roger, Ken and Diane; by four children, Shawn, Kevin, Liesl and Christopher; and five grandchildren. Allan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and then moved with his parents to Phoenix, Arizona. His education included an Associate Degree from Phoenix College. He joined the Air Force National Guard and served for two years.

Allan’s professional career included 30 years at General Motors Proving Grounds in Mesa, Arizona. He was an associate design engineer and car fabricator. His professional accomplishments included project manager for GM Solar Car Design and Race Team and Test Car Driver. He retired in Lewistown, Montana, where he designed and built a custom log cabin home. He fabricated and equipped a complete car design and manufacturing shop where he could build his custom cars.

Allan used his car design and fabrication skills and knowledge to design and manufacture several custom cars, including a high-performance sports car fabricated from the ground up. 

Allan was a very proud and passionate man who always respected the rule of law and the love for his family and friends. He demonstrated his passion by writing poetry and helping others.

Allan’s last wishes will be honored, with no funeral and a celebration of life with his family.  



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