A and E District bench project nearly complete

News-Argus Staff

At its weekly meeting Friday, the Arts and Entertainment District Association Board received an update on several ongoing projects, including benches, banners and the parklet.

Board President Patty Thompson reported the bench project is nearly complete. In response to concerns expressed by others, the final two benches, which were to be painted mustard yellow, will now be painted black. All of the benches were originally black, but the A&E District Association, in an effort to make downtown more colorful, has repainted them red, blue and green. The benches have also been moved from their original locations, Thompson said, in an effort to put them in what Thompson referred to as the Central Business District.

Treasurer Duane Ferdinand requested the group look into purchase or construction of a clean cart, which he described as a cart made to hold a garbage can, broom and other cleaning supplies.

“If we are going to repaint the benches, we need to have someone out making sure they stay clean,” Ferdinand said, adding that he had brought this idea up once before.

After discussion, Thompson authorized Ferdinand to look into finding volunteers who would use the cart to keep downtown sidewalks clean.

“You need to get volunteers on board first,” Thompson said. “If there’s a service organization who will do the work, then we can look into purchasing the cart.”

Banners, Thompson said, will arrive as early as June 1, and will be installed along Main Street as soon as possible.

Thompson reported that the encroachment permit for the parklet had been sent to Lewistown City Manager Holly Phelps for her signature.

“It’s a done deal,” Thompson said. “We are just waiting to hear from the City.”

The group will work with Spika Design and Manufacturing on a cost estimate to build the parklet frame.

Board member Jim Dullenty suggested the group consider having a booth at the Chokecherry Festival to inform the public of their activities. No action was taken on this idea. 

The next meeting of the Arts and Entertainment District Association Board will be Friday, May 26 at 2 p.m. in the Brooks Building conference room.



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