Angel/Senior Tree returns

Charlie Denison

Verizon Wireless/Cellular Plus employees Samantha Dengel, left, and Shelby Moline kneel by the Angel/Senior Tree on Wednesday. Referrals for children and seniors are encouraged and must be in by Dec. 9.

Photo by Charlie Denison

Gail Granot’s Angel/Senior Tree is back up for another holiday season and all are welcome to participate.

“We are up at the Verizon Wireless/Cellular Plus store on West Main Street this year,” Granot said. “We put the tree up the first week in October and currently are just waiting on referrals. They are coming in slowly.”

When Granot says referrals, she means she wants names of people that are in need of a Christmas.

“The Angel Tree is for single parent/low income families,” she said. “We also accept seniors. If someone out there isn’t going to get presents, we want to help make their holiday brighter. We want to give them a little Christmas cheer.”

There is one tree, Granot said, but there are two baskets of names: one for children, one for seniors. Participants get to choose the basket.

“We want to help people get gifts,” Granot said. “Also, I’d like to stress that the seniors don’t have to be low income. We want to provide gifts for people who otherwise wouldn’t get gifts.”

Granot said she’d like all referrals by Dec. 9 and all gifts must be delivered to the Verizon store by Dec. 13.

“We’d like to deliver the gifts by Dec. 17,” she said. “We’d also like to deliver goody plates. Anyone interested in donating for the goody plates must bring cookies or other baked goods to Verizon by Dec. 16.”

Granot said she accepts “anything and everything,” but first and foremost would like to have referrals for families, so those interested in participating can hit the ground running. The sooner people are referred to the Angel Tree, the sooner participants can start shopping for items the referred request.

Granot also wants people to know they don’t have to stick with the requests.

“If you are out and about and you see a sale, go for it,” she said. “Act like they are part of your family.”

Participants also don’t have to stick to one child or one family. They can pick up as many referrals as they want.

Granot said the Angel Tree usually ends up with around 100 children and 100 senior referrals. Although they are getting a late start this year, she expects more referrals to come in right away.

For more information, contact Granot at (406) 538-9682.




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