Anna Slivka: the busiest kid in school

Charlie Denison

Anna Slivka is proud to be a part of FFA. She competed in Nationals this year and hopes to get the opportunity again.

Photo courtesy of Erin Slivka

Anna Slivka is involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities, from academic organizations to sports, but she also makes time to go out horseback riding.

Photo courtesy of Erin Slivka

“Don’t you get tired of being so busy all the time?”

That’s the question Anna Slivka gets routinely

And I almost asked her that question, too, after she told me everything she’s involved in: FFA, Business Professionals of America, volleyball, Honors Society, student council, choir, band, hunting, horseback riding, volunteering as a camp counselor at Camp Lewtana, going to leadership camp.

After conversing for a while, I thought about asking, “what is it you don’t do?”

A junior at Winifred High School, Anna is motivated and enthusiastic about life, family, faith, school and the Winifred community, where she was born and raised.

“Winifred has always been a pretty open community,” she said. “It’s welcome to anyone who comes in. Whatever you choose to do, everyone is supportive of you.”

The community is especially supportive, she’s discovered, if you do a little bit of everything.

“My high school career has been pretty crazy so far,” she admitted, “but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

She can say the same about FFA and BPA, as she competed at nationals for both organizations this year.

“FFA is something I’ll be involved in for the rest of my life,” she said. “It’s not just about what ‘farm nerds’ do but really teaches kids important skills. I’ve learned a lot about leadership, in particular, and I’ve made many friends.”

The same goes for BPA.

“BPA is truly inspiring,” she said, “and I’ve met so many people in the organization from across the country. I keep in touch with several regularly on social media.”

For FFA, Anna got to go to Indianapolis for nationals, and with BPA she got to go to Orlando, Florida.

“This obviously involves a lot of fundraising, and no matter what the community gets us there,” she said. “The community is outstanding.”

Anna said she couldn’t be more impressed with Central Montana, as she was amazed by her experience at Camp Lewtana over the summer.

“I was supposed to be a guide at Lewtana, and I was, but I also really found myself growing in my personal faith,” she said. “It was pretty neat. I believe you’ll be seeing me at Lewtana next summer, as well.”

You will hear no complaints from Anna, but you will hear compliments and she will share some accolades. For example, just recently she was named to honor choir. She is proud of this achievement, and she said part of the credit goes to her older brother, Riley, who motivates and inspires her.

“Everything I do, it seems like he’s pushed me there a little,” she said. “That’s how I felt when I was able to earn a superior rating at the state music festival. He’s at Northwest right now. He plays in the jazz band, pep band and sings in the student choir. It’s pretty amazing how far he’s come.”

Like her brother, Anna is excited to get out there and succeed, but she’s on the fence as far as where to go to college or what career to pursue.

“My dream job has bounced around from being a vet teacher to being professionally involved in music to being an ag teacher,” she said. “I’m all over the board.”

One thing is for sure, though. As an appreciator of Winifred and rural America, Anna said she’s certain agriculture will be a part of her life.

“That’s one thing about Winifred I’ll always take with me,” she said. “We are one big family here. We help our neighbors when it’s time to ship and brand and we’re all working toward the same goal: to help feed people.”






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