Anthony Blaine DeLeo

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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Anthony Blaine was born on March 10, 2000, along with his twin brother, William. The twins were a true miracle to parents Benjamin DeLeo and Mary Gaines. In the DeLeo family there were several Anthonys, so he was given the nickname Tony, or Bubba T.

Anthony also grew up with two sisters, Carolyn and Ila DeLeo. He attended elementary school at the Hobson school, later attending high school at Huntley Project, in Worden. Anthony made many life-long friends throughout his life. If there was someone who needed a friend, he was the guy for the job.He was the guy to step up for a job, and go above and beyond. Tony’s laugh is a whole story on its own -- where he acquired it from, who knows. Wherever he was, there was a funny story to be told, and laughs to be shared. It’s a laugh that none of us will ever forget.

Anthony was taken too soon, but in his short time he accomplished so much. His proudest accomplishment was joining the Army National Guard, where he was going to become a Military Policeman. The day we were told he was gone, all his Sergeant kept saying was, “Anthony was very proud of those dog tags he was wearing.” He was proud to be serving our country and not afraid to show it.

He also worked countless hours at Tire Rama, only to keep buying more pickup parts, it seemed like. Tony’s dad told him to just buy a new pickup with all the money he was putting into it, but he would always reply back with “I can’t do that, dad. You know this was Grandpa Ben’s pickup and he would want me to drive it until the wheels fell off.”

If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. If you knew Tony, you know he loved to be outdoors, whether hunting, fishing or just being goofy with his friends. Growing up, Anthony spent every summer in Cascade, at the DeLeo farm, with his brother by his side. They spent their summers working for their hero in life, Grandpa Ben. This was somewhere Tony loved, and when it came time to leave, he would fight tooth and nail to find a way to stay.

The DeLeos use the letter “F” to guide their lifestyle: Family, Faith, Food, Fishing, Friends, Farm, and lastly, Funny Stories. Anthony was always the person to put everyone else before himself. If one of his friends needed help, he was there, no questions asked. He was always a happy guy, sunrise to sundown.

The good Lord and Anthony have us all gathered here today to not mourn death, but to celebrate a life. If you truly knew Anthony, he wouldn’t want you to cry. He would want you to take a look around and love and enjoy everyone around you, and hold your memories with him closest to your heart.

Anthony was preceded in death by his grandparents, Ben and Vivian DeLeo, and Dora Gaines.

The first service will be held at the Huntley High school in Worden, June 14 at 2 p.m. with military honors. The second service will be held Saturday, June 15, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Cascade, also at 2 p.m.

We love you, Anthony Blaine, fly high soldier.



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