Arntzen supports school funding bill


Superintendent Arntzen is pleased to announce a major school funding bill was signed Thursday. This legislation, HB 191, provides an inflationary increase to k-12 Base Aid funding and is critical to local school districts as they begin crafting their budgets for the next school year.
Republican House Education Committee Chairman Seth Berglee sponsored the legislation and Arntzen has been the primary advocate for its early passage this legislative session.
Arntzen carried similar legislation in the Montana Senate while serving as a Senator during the 2015 legislative session. In 2015 HB 27 was signed on Feb. 27th and Arntzen is thankful that HB 191 was signed even sooner this session.
“Recognizing Montana’s tight budget cycle and that $6.7 million was removed in the process, this is still an exciting day for Montana’s public schools. I am grateful that the legislature has provided our public schools with the funding stability that is needed to put Montana students first,” Arntzen said Thursday.

Dylan Klapmeier is the media assistant to the Montana Office of Public Instruction.



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