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Jessie Ferguson, Elaine Maier, Harry Felton and Bertie Brown pose next to sculptural stools and side tables at the “Joined” opening.

Photo courtesy of the Art Center

Updates From Director Lewistown Art Center

In the Wilkins Gallery

If you haven’t been in to see “Joined: Sculpture and Function,” featuring the work of local woodworkers, what are you waiting for? Despite this weather, the Lewistown Art Center has been bustling with classes and gallery goers, and this show is a hit. Not only can we appreciate the talents of our friends and neighbors, Harry Felton, Jessie Ferguson, Elaine Maier and Bertie Brown, but this furniture allows us to think beyond the techniques that made it. Each piece, whether a chair, bench, stool, or table, has enough space in the Wilkins gallery to be considered as both sculpture and furniture. The exhibition places benches on platforms, and stools on pedestals, to allow us to consider furniture from new perspectives and points of view. We can appreciate the design of the object, not just its function.

Hurry in to catch “Joined,” as the Lewistown Art Center will have a new exhibition in March. Opening on Friday, March 2, from 5-7 p.m. is “Centered,” an exhibition that considers Central Montana the center of the art world. Local artists and makers have been invited to submit a piece of art that deals with the idea of “center,” and to invite a non-Central Montanan to join them. This exhibition will feature local artists, and not-solocal makers to remind us of both the center of our community, and the periphery. This multimedia exhibition will feature poetry, painting, performance, photography and so much more.

Educational programming

Here at the LAC, we like to remind folks “this is your art center,” and wow, I love the way Central Montana is making it its own. We’re so excited about our ongoing education programs, and grateful for the community’s enthusiasm for all things art. Here are some events coming up that you (and your little ones) won’t want to miss.

Hands On Art is an after-school arts program for growing artists between kindergarten and sixth-grade. Independent learning is encouraged, and you wouldn’t believe the projects coming out of our basement. Last week featured a parade, sculptures, paintings and performances. Hands On Art meets every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5 p.m. Call Program Director Leah Grunzke about signing up your young artist at 535-8278.

Adult Clay Club and Social Night at the Art Center

Social Night is always the third Wednesday of the month and February’s Ceramic Candy Dish Social Night is already full. Get us on your calendar for next month’s Wildflower Paper Making Social Night on March 21 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Call to register today.

Adult Clay Club in the Ken Edwards Ceramic Studio at the LAC is the perfect way to try ceramics without purchasing any supplies. For a small fee, come on Thursday nights (6:30-9:30 p.m.) to try your hand at throwing on the wheel, hand building, or press molding a set of dishes. This is a great way to play with clay with no pressure. We have professionals on hand to answer any questions, but this is your time in the studio. Join us. It’s always a great time, and folks are making great progress.

If you have questions about upcoming programs, renting the Lewistown Art Center, or hosting a “Sip and Paint” of your own, check out our website at or call us anytime between Tuesday and Saturday.

The Lewistown Art Center promotes art, art education and art appreciation in Central Montana. Regular hours are Tuesday – Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is always free. Join the “ArtWorks” volunteer group on the second Tuesday of each month, at 9 a.m. to support the Art Center in accomplishing its mission. New members and volunteers are always welcome; for information call 535-8278.


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