The Art of Farming: WIFE Calendar Art Contest returns

In recognition of National Agriculture Week (National Agriculture Day, March 20), WIFE (Montana Women Involved in Farm Economics) invites Montana’s school children to express their ideas on farm life by participating in WIFE’s 32nd statewide calendar art contest. 

Winning entries grades K through 8th will be awarded a cash prize at the first place ($30), second place ($20), and third place ($10), levels in each grade’s division. Two Honorable Mention places in each grade will be awarded certificates. Of the 45 winners, pictures representing all grades and different areas of Montana will be considered for the calendar, but only 25 pictures can be used on the calendar. Those winners whose pictures are used will also receive a calendar.

All entries are to be done horizontally on 8 ½ by 11-inch white paper with dark, black lead pencil or black pen (no markers please) to make a good, clear picture for the calendar. Any aspect of agriculture that is of interest to the students may be drawn. Any depiction of alcohol or tobacco will not be accepted. Student’s name, grade, school, address, town, zip, should be clearly printed in a corner on the back of their picture.

No entries can be returned, but WIFE may display or use student’s artwork for various WIFE projects throughout the State. Entries must be postmarked on or before April 15. Artwork will be judged on the basis of originality.

Please send all art entries to: Gladys Walling, P O Box 55, Winifred MT 59489. Phone (406) 462-5330 for more information.



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