Athlete of the Week

This week’s Athletes of the Week are all the high school players throughout Central Montana who play and practice hard, but never seem to gain too much recognition for their efforts. No stats are ever kept for the offensive line in football. Some athletes rarely get off the bench in basketball, football or volleyball, but they are always there cheering their teammates on to another victory.
Other athletes play hard, but rather rebound or hand out assists in basketball. Unfortunately one does not get his/her name in the paper except when they score. In football, a good defense wins championships we are told, but not many defensive players get mentioned in a football story. In volleyball, a team is only as good as its defense also.
More credit is given to individuals in sports such as wrestling, track and field, tennis, cross country, and golf, just to name a view. But even in these sports, many athletes go unrecognized throughout their high school years.
As we swing into the second part of the winter sports season, remember all players on a team are important to the success of the team.



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