AWANA Club begins fall schedule

Awana Sparks enjoying game time with a cup-stacking challenge.

Photo courtesy of Doris McCoy

AWANA Club will begin the fall season on Wednesday, Sept. 28, and invites any interested children to join us. Exciting clubs are offered for children aged kindergarten through sixth grade.

Awana helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Each week, more than 1.5 million kids ages two to 18 participate in Awana. Today, more than 12,000 U.S. churches run Awana with programs in all 50 states. Awana can also be found in over 10,000 churches in 109 other countries. Awana programs work to change young lives through biblical truth and exemplary mentors. The founders of Awanaderived the Awana name from the first letters of “Approved workmen are not ashamed” as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15 of the Bible.

Club nights include individual, age-appropriate study in Bible handbooks, group teaching time, and an energetic game time that all the kids enjoy thoroughly. The Clubs are staffed with well-trained leaders from several area churches.

Club sessions for K-6 start at 6 p.m. and dismiss at 7:30 p.m., each Wednesday evening, at First Christian Church, 103 12th Avenue South in Lewistown. All young people are welcome to attend.

“We always love to have new kids join us,” said Awana Commander Don McCoy.

There is no cost to families participating in these programs. Please call Karla Butcher at 462-8000 or Don McCoy at 538-3945 for further information.



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