Ball player sorry for disrespectful act

Dear Editor,
My name is Hunter Schell, and I am the young man that was playing in the outfield on the Redbirds baseball team that kicked his glove over the fence during the Northern A District tournament. It was the game that would get us into the championship which, if we were to win, we would be going to state.
The one goal of ours (Redbirds) all season was to finally make the state tournament. The opposing team scored seven in the first inning but we had made a come back that gave us hope. So when the ball was hit over my head in center field that increased their lead to 5 runs, I could see our great season, where we went 44-28 while also taking first in our conference, slipping away. I was frustrated and sad to have to watch that moment again, since the same thing happened last year.
It was not my intention to kick my glove over the fence in that situation, but I did and that was not a smart move on my part. It was selfish of me to put the coaching staff and the organization in a bad light within the Great Falls community, or any community, for that matter. I have been informed by all three coaches that if the situation or one similar was to occur like that again I would be immediately pulled from the game, no matter the situation.
I truly am sorry to the City of Lewistown, the Redbirds organization, American Legion baseball, and any fans in attendance that witnessed my disrespectful act. From this point forward I will work on holding in my frustrations and being a better role model for younger generations of ball players. The game is too beautiful for anything like this to happen inside its sacred walls. To any parents, use this as an example for kids to show them this is not acceptable in any sport, ever.
Hunter Schell



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