Bartel, Vaughn and Sipe have strong showings in Fergus County

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

As of 6 a.m. Wednesday, Republican Incumbent Dan Bartel held a big lead over Democrat Rachel Stansberry. Bartel was leading by a margin of 70% to 30%, or 3,209 to 1,360 votes. 
Undersheriff Rick Vaughn also appeared to be headed for victory over Bryon Armour in the race for Fergus County Sheriff. Unofficial results showed Vaughn with 3,457 votes (64%) compared to 1,959 votes (36%) for Armour. 
In another contested local race, for county attorney, Kent Sipe was leading Beckie Williams 2,904 to 2,524 or 53% to 46%. 
In the U.S. Senate Race, Fergus County voters chose Republican Matt Rosendale over Democrat Incumbent Jon Tester by a margin of 3,617 to 1,919. The Senate race was still too close to call across the state with Rosendale holding a 49% to 48% in the early hours on Wednesday. 
In the House Race, Republican Greg Gianforte won big in Fergus County 3,891 to 1,738 over Democrat Kathleen Williams. Gianforte was leading on the statewide level 53% to 44% on Wednesday morning.

Two of the major ballot initiatives, 185 and 186, both appeared to be headed for defeat. Unofficial results showed 185 had 55% of people in the state voting no and 45% voting yes. 
On 186, the mining initiative, 59% voted no and 41% voted yes.

The results above are unofficial and taken from the Secretary of State's office. They will be updated as more results come in.



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