Be proud of our community shooting range

Dear Editor,
As with any organization serving its membership and the public, there are many diverse ideas and opinions. The shooting range board tries to consider all of them while still fulfilling their duties. One of the board’s foremost responsibilities is to secure resources for the range, to not only continue but to improve. That responsibility requires a balance of dues, fees, grants and fund-raisers.
Although we still have a long ways to go, we are pleased the range is in good financial shape. So far this year we have upgraded the insurance (this was in serious need of upgrading), made good headway on weed control over the whole range, paid the bank note early, and it looks like we will be able to make another good payment on the bank principal this fall. We have also been able to make major improvements to both the cowboy course and the sporting clays course. All of this would not be possible without the support of our members, as well as the whole community, both private and business. For that, we thank you.
It is also the responsibility of the board to make sure our business is conducted in a legal, ethical and fair manner. Many times it is the path of least resistance that is most often taken. Change only comes when resistance is met. We are guilty of this, for the very reason it has been successful in the past. But times and circumstances change, and we as an organization have to change as well. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain a couple of such changes. Starting in 2017 all purchases and expenses over our regular monthly bills will be put out for bid with all interested community businesses. This will also be the last year the “30 guns in 30 days” tickets will be sold with reserved numbers. Past ticket holders will be offered the opportunity to purchase their tickets early, before general sales, so your odds will not change, just the manner in which the sales are conducted.
This is a community range for which we can all be proud, as it is one of the nicest in the state. We sincerely hope this letter answers and explains some of the questions that are circulating. If you would like further details or clarification please feel free to contact any of us.
Paul Harris, Rick Benton and John Walling,
Board Members
Central Montana Shooting Complex



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