Belt Creek cleanup planned in 2017

Reporter for Belt High School’s Valley Voice

Belt Creek is used every day by Belt residents and outsiders from the state for fishing and just having fun. However, many have reduced their time in the creek because of the pollution in the water. The pollution has become dangerous to the residents, but the Town Hall has announced a potential solution. 

Belt Creek didn’t used to be so polluted, but in the last few years, runoff from the old mines has been contaminating Belt’s land and waters. In the summer especially the thick film of oil is visible, and it scares visitors away. 

The Belt Creek cleanup will be executed in 2017 in hopes of a water treatment plant being operational in 2018. This is not only beneficial to the residents because of the clean water, but also because it will require employment. The plant will need to be operated by at least one individual. In addition, the plant will bring commerce to Belt during the construction phase. 

The cost of the project has not yet been determined, and the proposal will be released for bidding in 2017. Montana Department of Environmental Quality will be funding the Creek cleanup; this organization has enough funding to construct the water treatment plant and to run it for 100 years. 

This project promises to improve the quality of Belt Creek and will boost Belt’s overall environment.



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