Big Expansion planned for Lewistown Town Pump

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Cars line up at the Town Pump gas pumps on Friday, getting ready for holiday travel. After the extensive remodel planned for early in 2017, customers should find easier access to the pumps and more parking for the convenience store and casino.

Photo by Deb Hill


After nearly six months of waiting for permits and design work, Lewistown’s Town Pump is ready to expand its operations. Work on the remodel will start in March, weather permitting, according to Dan Sampson, Construction and Development manager for Town Pump, Inc.

The term “remodel” perhaps doesn’t give an accurate sense of the size of the proposed changes. With the purchase of nearby property, Town Pump plans a large expansion of existing services, including adding 9,500 square feet to the building in order to increase the casino and convenience store space, Sampson said.

“The space will house a refreshed and enlarged casino space and a much larger convenience store,” Sampson told the News-Argus in an email dated Dec. 20.

The new casino space will include the latest in gaming technology.

“We will create a spacious, fun atmosphere for our customers,” Sampson said, adding that big game jackpots and other things customers look for in the casino experience will be part of the mix.

Expansion of the convenience store will allow the company to offer a wider inventory of products, including grocery items, snacks, and both hot and cold deli items.

“We will be expanding our coffee bar and will offer a larger variety of coffees, cappuccinos and hot chocolate,” Sampson said.

The project also includes improving Sereday Street and adding curb and gutter along the Town Pump side of the street. The Town Pump site itself will be expanded to provide additional parking, updated outdoor lighting and more fuel pumps.

“The configuration of the automotive islands will change and be brand new,” Sampson explained. “When completed, this will consist of eight drive-in style islands creating 16 fueling positions. The design will increase customer safety with fewer vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian conflicts.”

The building will be updated inside and out, including energy friendly LED lighting inside, along with a large skylight. As daylight floods into the store through the skylight, sensors inside the store will compensate by turning down the power to the lights, thereby saving energy.

The exterior of the store will be redone with an “earth-tone look” using low maintenance and long-lasting building materials such as fiber cement siding, brick, stone, and copper-toned metal roofing, Sampson said.

“We are very honored to be a member of the Lewistown community and are looking forward to reinvesting in the community to create a great looking and modern facility to be enjoyed by residents and travelers alike,” he added.

Sampson said, despite rumors circulating around town, the current construction plan does not include a motel.

“A motel is a consideration for a future build on this site, but is not planned to be part of this phase of construction,” he told the News-Argus. “If we move forward with a motel on the property, that will be a separate project to be done at a later date.”





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