Big Springs City Park deserves more

Dear Editor, Lewistown possesses a special place, a special beautiful place where couples choose to take their wedding vows. That place is the beautiful Big Springs City Park near the state fish hatchery. Rather than choose a manmade cathedral to pledge their vows, they chose a cathedral that was made by God. A few years back I observed a wedding taking place in that park. Even though the wedding party and guests had to drive down a mud-laden road, then be greeted with broken picnic tables and barbecue racks, rusted trash receptacles and a bridge with rotted and missing planking, they still chose this special park to take their wedding vows. As the wedding reception was taking place, I wondered why our city commissioners and city manager and parks director could not see the beauty that this park possesses. If they could, then surely more care of the park would be exercised. Giant Springs Park in Great Falls is similar to our park in structure and could very easily be duplicated. It is written, “they have ears and hear not, and have eyes and see not.” The mediocre care of this park will definitely be the legacy of our present city officials. Paul Pavlak Lewistown



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