Blanche Esther Rasmussen Blum

Blanche Rasmussen Blum, 88, of Harlowton, Montana passed away Oct. 11, 2017 of natural causes. Blanche was born Aug. 24, 1929. She was the eighth child of Gunnar and Blanche Rasmussen and the last remaining sibling of a family of 10: Linden, Norma, Darlene, Wilford (Bud), Gerald, Robert, Adele, Marvin and Albert.

Blanche graduated from Harlowton High School in June 1948, and married Joseph M. Blum Sept. 20 of that same year. Blanche and Joe made their home in Harlowton and raised their family of boys, Billy, Bobby and Teddy. Blanche was a loving wife and mother. She enjoyed cooking, baking for the holidays, sewing and quilting.

Over the years, she worked part-time jobs including Wheatland Memorial Hospital, Coast-to-Coast Hardware Store and the local State Liquor Store. Joe worked as a brakeman and engineer for the Milwaukee Railroad until 1980 when it was closed. They relocated to Hettinger, North Dakota where Joe worked for the Burlington Northern until 1988 when he retired. After retirement, Blanche and Joe moved to Black Hawk, South Dakota where they remained until Joe’s passing in 1995.

Blanche returned to Montana in 1996 where she made her home in Billings. She was an active quilter in the Yellowstone Valley Quilter’s Guild and did volunteer work in the local community. Due to increasing health issues, Blanche moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in June 2016 to live with her son Ted and his wife, Sherry.

Blanche is survived by her son Ted (Sherry), and grandsons Matthew and Casey, in addition to many nieces and nephews. She is fondly remembered by her grandsons as a grandma’s Grandma, a quilter’s quilter and having a great sense of humor.

Memorial services are scheduled for Blanche in July 2018.



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