BLM closes Middle Two Calf Road after embankment gives way

Civil Engineer Technician Ronnie Hayes inspects Middle Two Calf Road, which is currently under emergency closure for public safety. Photo courtesy of BLM and Carl Patten

A significant portion of Middle Two Calf Road suddenly sank down an embankment, which forced the Bureau of Land Management to enact an emergency road closure for public safety. “The BLM is working diligently to come up with a solution to fix and reopen the road as soon as possible,” said BLM Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Manager Ben Hileman. “The BLM regrets the inconvenience this closure may cause the public.” Middle Two Calf Road is located in a remote area of northern Fergus County in a part of the Monument where unstable soils commonly create similar conditions. “On the north side of Middle Two Calf Creek there has been a mass failure from erosion from the creek channel below the road,” said BLM Central District Office Civil Engineer Carl Patten. “It has about a ten-foot space to drive from the undermined bank to the base of the hill but about twelve feet of roadway is still present on the top of the undermined area.” There is currently no estimated time for when the road will reopen. The BLM will provide more detailed information as it develops.



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