Boys and Girls Club Happenings

From Abby Franks,
executive director
Thanks to the four Junior High kids -- Duane Otto, Autumn Baker, Adam Ward and Skyler Foucher -- and the entire staff who spent time on Friday, June 3 helping clean up the Boys and Girls Club building. The Club partnered with the Central Montana Jaycees on the “Working It, Earning It” program to award these kids with fair passes for every two hours they volunteered. Thanks for the help on disinfecting, washing walls, vacuuming, cleaning windows and window screens, etc. Feels good to have a fresh clean building for summer.
Summer Safari started June 13 for families. Doors open at 7:50 a.m.; breakfast at 8:30 a.m.; lunch and snack served during day; doors close at 6 p.m.
I had the privilege to participate in the “Dream It, Do It” meeting on Monday of this week. Congratulations to Spika Design and Manufacturing, which has done the legwork to bring this manufacturing awareness program into the community. Kim Haynes, Club Teen director and Tobacco Prevention Specialist, and I participated, and I hope each of you as community members take note of this program in the future as more information comes to our community.
The Boys and Girls Club hopes to partner and be impactful where we can into the future. It was great to also be joined by many school representatives, the Central Montana Education Center, Lewistown Job Service, County Superintendent of Schools, 4-H and MSU Extension; all of whom we want to be involved for the benefit and success of youth in our community.

Smart moves
Congratulations to these great kids and the Boys and Girls Club. The Club – due to much work by Homework Room Director Laurie Bentley and the entire program staff – completed and achieved the goal of 75 kids participating in 80 percent or more of the Smart Moves curriculum lesson plans. Smart Moves is a team approach involving staff to emphasize more than a “Say No” message. This program teaches young people to say no by involving them in discussion and role playing, practicing resistance and refusal skills, developing assertiveness, strengthening decision-making skills and analyzing media and peer influence. The ultimate goal is to promote abstinence from abuse and irresponsible adolescent behaviors through the practice of responsible behavior.

Back a kid campaign
The Boys and Girls Club is underway with the important Annual Individual Giving Campaign. This fundraiser – as well as others – raises the vital funds for the Club to operate annually. We are currently contacting individuals to be a part of the Campaign and have raised $22,000 of our $66,000 goal. Please call the Club with questions.

Volunteer of the Month
At the end of May, the Club honored Jared Durbin and Jean Rogan as Volunteers of the Month. Jared, along with the help of his high school teacher, Jean Rogan, have been coming throughout the school year to help with the Club’s kitchen laundry. The Club serves 14,000 kids throughout the year with breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. This creates a lot of dishtowels and rags that need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. Thanks to Jared and Jean for helping this task get completed this last school year. You have been more than wonderful to help the club keep in a working, functioning order.
From Kim Haynes,
Tobacco Prevention specialist
On June 21, the Boys and Girls Club Tobacco Prevention Program youth participated in a point-of-sale scavenger hunt. These kids and I took a walk through Lewistown and visited local convenience stores to learn firsthand about tobacco marketing and how it is designed to target kids. The exposure to tobacco marketing and advertising at retail locations has been shown to get people to start smoking, encourage smoking, and make it harder for people who want to quit.
What this group of teens found was brightly colored signs, specials such as “buy one get one” and “five for three,” packaging that is appealing to the youth, and a lot of different flavors such as: grape, cherry, peach, chocolate, and, dragon fruit, to name a few. It is no mistake that tobacco products are packaged to look similar to products typically marketed towards kids (such as candy) and products are placed in retail locations where they are likely to see them. This group found that cigars and cigarillos were within inches of candy and Hostess products. One of the retail places we visited was within a half a block from a daycare, with brightly colored signage in the windows. All retail stores that we visited had what is known as the “power wall” -- this is the wall that spans the length of the checkout counter and displays all brands of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.
As of Jan. 1, a law went into effect that all e-cigarettes, vapes, or electronic smoking devices have to be displayed behind the counter; no one under the age of 18 can purchase these devises. One of the store managers told the kids their rule of thumb is if a person does not look at least 30 years of age they card that person. To protect our kids, let’s get all tobacco products behind the checkout counters and out of kids’ hands.
Our day ended with a lunch and a dip at the swimming hole on Spring Creek. Fun was had by all.

From Crystal Tyler, office manager
Two weeks of Summer Safari are in the books here at the Boys and Girls Club. We have a few new additions to our summer staff, and they have brought new energy to the Club. The Club staff has truly enjoyed getting to know knew members as well as building stronger relationships with Club members who have been members for longer. Looking forward to the rest of the summer, I wanted to share some swimming pool reminders with parents.
• We will start going to the pool as a Club on Tuesday, June 28. You will be responsible for picking up your child at the pool by 5:10 p.m. Pool days will be every Tuesday and Friday for the rest of the Summer Safari program.
• Your child must have a signed Pool Procedure Form on file at the Club. This was in your summer parent packet, but if you need a new one, please stop by the Front Desk.
• If your child has a pool pass, please make sure that the Front Desk has that number recorded.
• Your child will need a backpack with swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and a water bottle. Please mark all items with your child’s name.
We have been extremely busy here at the Club and will continue to keep your child engaged and active. As a gentle reminder, please make sure that your child is getting adequate sleep. Summer days and nights are long and carefree, but we have been noticing kids falling asleep during activities. We see a large increase in behavior problems when children don’t get enough sleep. Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to a great rest of the summer.



When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?