Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Club members at Archery Camp at the Civic Center, taught by Bob Barber and Marvin Garlick.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Tyler

Wells Fargo Montana island challenge

Wells Fargo Mont. Island Challenge: Be one of the first 50 participants to sign up for the Montana Island Challenge and get a Yogo Inn sweat-wicking headband. Go to for details.


Board meeting update

Thanks to a great Board of Directors we had a very productive July meeting. News to share: Congratulations to Dave Pillar on being voted in as Vice President, sad to say goodbye to Ron Hayes who is relocating to Idaho - we thank Ron sincerely for all of his hard work as a board member.  Thank you to the Resource Committee, Katie Spika and Jennifer Downey, for your work on Festival of Trees Raffle and 30 Days of Beef 2017 considerations. Thank you each month to the Finance Committee for reviewing financials and helping keep your local Club financially safe and operating in a correct fashion.  


Food program news

Thank you to Town Pump and Shopko for two important monetary awards to support the Club’s food program. Also, thank you to Katie Holbeck for your grant-writing work in regards to this. The Club is looking at some drastic funding cuts for our important food programs and we know with focused efforts we will overcome the challenge. Thanks to all in the community who give to the community.


Great Fun

The Club usually hosts around 70 kids each day and even though we sometimes hit 80 plus in the summer months, it was quite a busy and fun day to have had 91 great kids in the building last Thursday. Great job to Tracy Huck and the program directors for doing a great job and having these kids engaged and active.


Chokecherry Jam

Save the Date for September 9: toe-tapping good time at the Bank of the Rockies, Snowy Mtn. Motors and Allied Steel Street Dance. Tickets available at BG Club. Thank you also to Moore Farmers Oil and the Central MT Jaycees for your monetary sponsorship of the event.


“Let’s splatter the world with Art”

Hello, my name is Cassi Miller and I am the Summer Art Director at the Club.

I just finished my sophomore year at Montana State University Billings. I am a double major in elementary education and special education. I plan on graduating in the spring of 2018.

I have had a great summer with the kids at the Club. Our summer motto in art is “Let’s Splatter the World with Art.” The staff wanted the kids to be messy and have fun while doing it. I am confident that we have already done that. We have painted many times this summer. We have painted fireworks, American flags and stepping-stones. The next thing we will be painting with is shaving cream.

In keeping with our motto, I will be putting paint in water balloons and letting the kids throw the water balloons on paper to get a splatter effect. The kids will also be making yarn balls that are like papier mache, as well as dream catchers. The students have been very creative this summer.


Concession booth volunteers still needed

We are gearing up for the fair here at the Club. The Boys and Girls Club is running the Moose Lodge concession booth under the grandstands at the Central Montana Fair this summer. We are still needing volunteers for shifts but are super excited about our new adventure. Come check us out at the fair, have some yummy food and support your local Boys and Girls Club. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please call Crystal at the Club at 535-2257.


Kinders in the Club

The kindergarteners have welcomed the summer here at the Club with pure excitement and inquisitive minds. Our room is set up with learning centers that include: Cars and Tracks, Dress Up, Construction Zone, Arts and Crafts, Sensory and Animal Kingdom. It has been fun to see the interests of each individual child throughout their play with this set up and we have enjoyed learning with them daily.

We also have a Gratitude Tree. Any student, parent or staff member at the Club is welcome to come and grab a paper leaf and write what it is they are grateful for that day or in general. Our tree is really starting to gain its leaves and it has been really great to read about what the kids are grateful for in their lives.


B and G Club health check: diabetes, tobacco use

The proof is in the numbers; 29.1 million Americans or 9.3 percent of the population, has diabetes. There are 21 million that were diagnosed, and 8.1 million that go undiagnosed. Diabetes remains the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

Are you a smoker, and have diabetes? Did you know that smokers with diabetes have a higher risk for serious complications, including heart and kidney disease? Poor blood-flow in the legs and feet that can lead to infections, ulcers, and possible amputation and retinopathy (an eye disease that can cause blindness.)

 Professor Xiao-Chuan Liu, of California State Polytechnic University, presented results from a study of blood samples from smokers, he found that nicotine, when added to human blood samples, raised levels of hemoglobin A1c as much as 34 percent. The higher A1c levels are in the blood, the more likely the protein complexes are to build up in various tissues of the body, from eyes, heart, and blood vessels, which can cause blockages in circulation and other complications.

If you are a fan of chewing tobacco, and have diabetes you will want to read this: It is known that chewing tobacco has a great amount of sugar in it, but how much is a lot? The pouch tobacco tested between 24 and 65 percent, and the plug tobaccos tested between 13 to 50 percent depending on the brand. In other words, that’s like three to 16 teaspoons of granulated sugar per day. This in return raises the A1c in the blood and causes serious complications such as stated above.

You are ready to quit? It can be difficult to quit smoking and chewing, but the Montana Tobacco Quit line is a free program that provides helpful tools, information and support throughout your quitting process. If you are in need of help to find those resources, please call Kim at 535-2257 or (800) Quit-Now, or visit


After school enrollment

Don’t forget about enrolling your child for our after school program. School starts on August 25 for most schools and we are gearing up for back to school. New families may now start enrolling. Parent orientation and enrollment meetings for new enrollees will be Aug. 3 at 5:30 p.m. and Aug. 9 at 5:30 p.m. Current families may also attend these meetings if they missed any of the previous meetings. A parent/guardian must attend one of these meetings in order to enroll their child at the Club. If you have any questions, please call Crystal or Tracy at the Club at 535-2257.

Please check the News-Argus every Saturday; Facebook and the Club for important notices.



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