Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Guest speaker officer Ryan Peterson presents to the Club in May.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Tyler

From Crystal Tyler, office manager:

I spend some of my time at the Club filling the teen director vacancy until we get a new one hired, hopefully in a couple weeks. The teens are a great growing addition to our Club.

This past month we talked about job interviews from the perspectives of the interviewer and the applicant. With some of our teens taking summer jobs, they were familiar with being interviewed, but no one knew what it was like to interview an applicant.

Two of our teens got that experience and sat in on interviews for the teen director position. They had great feedback and really took the task seriously. It was a wonderful learning experience.

We kicked off summer with a last day of school lock-in at the Club. We had a sleepover in Eadie’s Rec Room, complete with movies on the big screen, pizza, basketball, pool and banana splits.

I had a blast with this group of kids. Teens will continue to meet on Thursday evenings throughout the summer at the Boys and Girls Club from 6-8 p.m.


From Jenny Casman, social recreation director:

Hello, everyone. May was a busy month in the social recreation room. We had special guest speakers for the kids. 

Kathy Anderson, the County Health Nurse, was one of our speakers. She taught the kids about being sanitary and showed them a video. The kids enjoyed it very much.

The older kids at the Club also had a speaker come in and visit with them about cyber-bullying. It was a great learning experience for the kids.


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