Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Joe Treese, Anna Barman, and Taya Stephens work hard at their duct tape projects in the Boys and Girls Club STEAM room.

From Christina Foucher, STEAM Director:

Hello from the STEAM room. We are learning about recycling this summer and the first step is to learn the four R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and respond. The kids learn this and then we break it down a little, with discussions, fun videos, questions, and projects. How can we reduce? By using less and making less -- i.e., reuse your water bottle or cup more than once. How can we reuse? Take things from home like toilet paper rolls, old CDs, etc. and turn them into a fun project. How do we recycle? First, learn what is recyclable and where you can recycle it; then collect it and take it to recycle facility. Some recyclables you can even get a little money for. Yeah! How do we respond? By recycling, making people aware of the importance of recycling, getting friends or merchants to recycle and making good choices to help the environment, you are responding.

Here in the STEAM room, almost everything is reused, thanks to our fabulous community which donates to the Club. Shadow boxes were old puzzle boxes that were missing pieces, toilet paper roll projects, old CDs turned into sun catchers, and popsicle stick projects are just a few. The kids are becoming more and more aware. Hopefully we can raise a whole new generation of environmentally aware people. 

As you all know, we have what is called Festival of Trees every December. At the Festival of Trees, we do a “raffle” type drawing with duct tape. How this works is: you bring a roll (or more) of duct tape to the festival with your name and phone number on the inside. Then they draw a winner. After Festival, all that duct tape is given to the STEAM room to do projects. It may seem like a lot of tape -- how could anyone possibly use it? But we do.

So far, we have made wallets, bags, purses, bow ties, folders, and covered magazine holders (with boxes and tape – reusing). The older kids have still not lost interest in this. One child is making a bicycle messenger bag. I can’t wait to see the end result. So, thank you to all those who participated in the duct tape “raffle” last year and I look forward to seeing what comes in this year. Have a great day.


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