Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Renovations and rotations

There are some new and exciting changes happening at the Club for the beginning of our after school program. The biggest and most wonderful change is our construction going on. With help from grants and donations, we were able to put up some new walls downstairs and open some windows and doors allowing for more rooms to be added to our space. It is going to be awesome to have more room for the children to feel welcomed and have the space to grow.

A second big change is all children will be doing rotations so that all can participate in our programs, like Sports and Fitness, STEM, Art and Social Recreation. I am super excited about this, as it gives the staff the opportunity to work with all of our Club kids and lets the children experience all avenues of the Club. 

I am hoping you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


Welcome back to After School

School has started around Central Montana this week, and the Club has made the almost smooth transition from Summer Safari to our After School program. We have great new and returning staff members. Welcome back to our program staff: Eadie Schultz, Christina Foucher, Jacqueline Mercenier, Jeanette Rector, Sally Walter and Shila Fischer. New to the Club is Jenny Casman. Jenny helped out during the Summer Safari program, is now heading up our Social Recreation room and is a kindergarten-first grade homeroom teacher. We are all very excited to see the kids, and have great activities planned. Stop in and see what’s happening at the Club.

Tracy Huck and I attended the Montana Afterschool Alliance Conference in Bozeman last week and got the opportunity to network with other Boys and Girls Clubs around the state as well as other non BG Club afterschool programs. We came back with lots of ideas to incorporate into our staff development and our programs such as STEM. It’s always interesting to see what other programs do to deliver awesome programming to the youth in their communities.


After school enrollment

The Boys and Girls club will be hosting Junior High fun night throughout the school year. Come join in on the fun with us:

• Hang out with friends

• Listen to music

• Challenge your friends to a game of pool, air hockey, or foosball 

• Play a good old-fashioned board game, or a game of cards. 

Along with your favorite gaming consoles it will be a great get together. The first Jr. High Fun Night will be held on Sept. 28, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., and continue every other Wednesday from 6:30 -8:30 p.m. 

Dates for fun nights through October are as follows:  Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Oct. 26 and Oct. 30.


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