Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Kyle Shobe shares a moment during the Chokecherry Jam with Boys and Girls Club kids Cameron and Trelawney Baker. Shobe’s band provided the music for the dance.
Photo courtesy of Abby Hotz

From Abby Franks, club director:
Enrolled Families of the Boys and Girls Club are required to complete volunteer time. Through partnering with the Yogo Inn, the Boys and Girls Club awards families who complete and exceed these hours with a raffle for a Yogo Inn poolside room. Each quarter the Club gives away two poolside rooms. Raffle winners:
• Summer 2017: Briggs Family and Mueller Family
• Spring 2017: Foucher Family (won both)
• Winter 2016: Teppert Family and Petzack Family
• Fall 2016: Douglas Family and Keeney Family
The 2017 Chokecherry Jam is in the books. Nicely done, Kyle Shobe and the Walk ‘Em Boys. The Boys and Girls Club appreciates all who made this event possible, including our tagline sponsors Moore Farmers Oil and Lewistown Honda.

From Shila Fischer, Life Skills room:
With so many different things that could be done in the Nature Room, the sky was the limit. During the last couple weeks of the summer, we “dove” into a new topic: Ocean Life. We learned about sharks, killer whales and many more. Did you know that the killer whale is the only known predator of the great white shark?
To end the topic we made a yummy treat: An ocean scene on a graham cracker using blue frosting and goldfish. Some made the scene 3-D, while others chose to use the frosting as lipstick. Good times.


What is your favorite part of the Fair?