Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Olivia D’Autremont and Noe Painter show their cup masterpiece in the STEM area of the Club.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Tyler

From Abby Franks, club director:

The Club is continually thankful for our volunteers. This week, I would like to mention Dave Pillar and Denice Elison: Dave, for his work with keeping our parking lot clean; Denice, for keeping our financial books clean. You both are very much appreciated.

Wonderful partnership – The Jaycees is known to be such a giving group in our community, which made it especially nice when our kids recently helped set up tables and chairs for their annual Community Benefit Raffle. Thanks to staff member Jeanette Rector and several kids for their great work.

End the year out strong: The Club continues to work toward year-end goals with our final events of the year: Back a Kid, Festival of Trees, Countdown to Christmas. Get on Santa’s “nice list” and give me a call on how you can help today.


From Tim Painter, tobacco prevention specialist/teen director:

Just a reminder of junior high and high school program times:

• Junior High Program: Tuesday and Thursday after school until 6 p.m. We pick up the students behind the Junior High in the Boys and Girls Club van.

• High School Program: 6:45-8:30 p.m., Thursdays

The Boys and Girls Club has many opportunities for you to get involved. We presently seek volunteers for our Teen Program. If you are interested, please contact Tim Painter at the Boys and Girls Club at 535-2257.

The Boys and Girls Club will be hosting a free Teen Program Volunteer Dinner on Oct. 11, 7-8:15 p.m. Come and learn about the Teen Program and how you can get involved.


From Christina Stomm, program director:

Today’s topic, cups. Yes, cups. It is as simple as that. Sometimes as parents, we forget the simplicities in life and try to give our children the best and the biggest, within our reach of course. I do a lot of building in my room. I found that kids don’t really care what they are using to build. Some very popular “toys” in my room aren’t toys at all, but stacks of cups that I acquired through generous donations or otherwise. They range from Dixie cups, to plastic drinking cups to Solo cups and even some sundae cups.

I also found all age groups like them. The younger kids tend to build forts and bridges, where the older kids try to build the tallest walls. The older kids competed to see who could build the tallest standing wall this summer. The tallest standing wall was 25 cups high. They continue to come to my room going for the cups, rarely getting bored with them.

It is always an awesome experience to see the excitement and joy in the simplest things. I love seeing the determination and pride when they accomplish their goal.



What advice would you give to a high school graduate?