Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Club members are excited about new laptops at the Club.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Tyler




From Crystal Tyler, office manager:

Because of the generous support of many at the Festival of Trees, the Boys and Girls Club was able to purchase 10 brand new laptops, headphones and a laptop cart for Club members to use. These laptops are necessary in the program for homework, projects, and important surveys. Club members and staff are very excited. We will now be able to bring a “computer lab” to any classroom in the building with the mobility of laptops.

Here’s a reminder: the Club will be closed on Monday, Dec. 25 and Tuesday, Dec. 26 for the holidays. The Club will be open Dec. 27–29 from 7:40 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We have tons of great activities planned for Club members. We wish you all a Happy Holidays and hope you stay warm and cozy with family.


Jenny Casman, program director:

Hello everyone from the STEAM room. We’ve been busy the last few months. In November for Veterans’ Day we took a group of kids with our Helping Hands group, ages third-sixth grade, to our local American Legion Club for their Veterans’ Day dinner. Kids help ed serve coffee, water and cake. The kids helped clear tables and clean up. They also made some great cards for all the veterans. It was a fun time and the kids did great. It is fun to get them in the community helping out others.


Shila Fischer, program director:

December is off to a great start in the Creative Minds room at the Club. The kiddos absolutely love the idea of being able to come into a self-led creative zone. They have many options to pick from. So far, their favorite has been the “decorate the Christmas tree” center. They decorate it and un-decorate it several times throughout our daily time together. We love seeing the sparkle in their eyes for Christmas.


Jeanette Rector, program director:

My name is Jeanette Rector and I am doing the sports and fitness program. We have recently been doing some exercises and playing some different tag games and relay games. I am the one who is usually it and they can definitely move faster than me. They are helping me get in shape. During our games, we are constantly talking and practicing good sportsmanship as I feel this is really important for the kiddos to learn. Have a fantastic week.


From Tim Painter, tobacco prevention specialist/teen director:

The teens have planned an event during the winter break. We are hiding stuffed snowmen around town to be found and brought back to the Boys and Girls Club for a prize from the Montana Tobacco Prevention Program. You do not have to be a certain age to collect the prize. We are limiting one prize per person, but multiple people in the same family can claim a prize. Prizes can be claimed from Tobacco Prevention Specialist Tim Painter daily from 1-5 p.m. MTUPP is excited for this teen led activity.



How much time do you spend using a computer or smart phone during a typical day?