Boys & Girls Club Happenings

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Club members make “goo” with donated tempra paint, finding a creative use for paint the Club has accumulated through the years.

Photo courtesy of Boys and Girls Club

From Abby Franks, Club director:

Our wonderful Board of Directors is greatly appreciated, as we close out a solid 2017 fiscal year and feel excited moving into 2018. Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Committee: Dave Pillar-president, Katie Spika-vice president, Conrad Robertson-treasurer and Deanna Stevenson-secretary. 

Bill Steele and Ryan Hansen are working hard on the 30 Days of Beef; and we greatly apprecieate the many ranchers who have already committed beef to this year’s event. If you are interested in contributing beef to the 2018 Raffle, please call Bill at (406) 366-2969.


From Christina Stomm, Program director:

This Christmas the members in my group participated in  “create your ugly sweater.” The children had to either color template sweaters or create their own on a blank piece of paper. Interestingly, most children have never heard of the “ugly sweater.” Before beginning, it was necessary to give them a little history of the concept. 

Did you know that grandmothers, who we love and appreciate very much, do not give ugly sweaters as gifts anymore? Seriously. The children were so perplexed by the concept of the ugly sweater, I’m sure some are still pondering it and wondering where their Christmas sweater is. I wonder if fruitcake is still a thing?

The one requirement was to color your ugly sweater. As you can imagine there were questions like, “So do we scribble on them?” More detail was needed. I had to explain using different colors, ribbons, and whatever other weird things they can think of, how to make the sweater ugly -- but no scribbles. This concept was still difficult. Although this activity was fun and they displayed their pictures, I discovered that it is very hard for some children to “use their imagination.” When did this stop being a thing?


From Tim Painter, Teen Director/Tobacco Prevention Specialist/Volunteer Coordinator:

Point-of-sale tobacco marketing puts Montana youth at risk. This month we are going to focus our efforts on the point-of-sale marketing tactics big tobacco companies use. The tobacco industry markets its products in retail locations such as:

• Convenience Stores

• Gas Stations

• Grocery Stores

• Pharmacies

Products are being promoted via: 

• Product placement

• In-store displays and branding

• Bright colors and candy flavors

All these tactics are designed to create new users, and entice people to do more smoking, dipping and vaping.


Pinewood Derby workshop

Today, Saturday, Jan. 20, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., we are hosting a workshop at the Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown for students who may need some extra help with their Pinewood Derby car design. The workshop is free if you purchase a car kit from us. The cost covers the race entry fee as well. If you bring your own car, the cost is a bit lower. The race will be held Saturday, Jan. 27, and weigh-ins will be at 2 p.m.


From Shila Fischer, Program Director:

Christmas break was awesome.  Over the years, we have accumulated a huge supply of powdered tempra paint in a variety of colors, so we put our creative thinking caps on to find a way to use some of the supply. They came up with goo.


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