Boys & Girls Club Happenings

From Abby Franks, 

club director:

Parents are busy helping volunteer for a few things at the Club right now (30 Days of Beef raffle, some typing administrative tasks, planning the donor appreciation event) – and it has reminded me how wonderful the Club’s Parent Volunteer Program is for the Boys and Girls Club. What is this? We ask that for each month a family is enrolled – they volunteer one hour. The result from this is increased positive relationships with our parents, donor dollars being utilized in a most efficient fashion and our families giving back to the Club that we hope they appreciate very much.

CHS Big Sky and Nicole Wines Livestock “30 Days of Beef” tickets are on sale at Seiden Drug, CHS Big Sky of Lewistown, Boys and Girls Club and both Rindal Gas locations. Don’t forget that if you buy $100 in tickets you get into the West Feeds/Hubbard $100 Club and are eligible for an extra $1000 in prizes.


From Jenny Casman, program director:

Hello, all. We’ve been having a great time in the STEM room at the Club; lots of building different things out of blocks, Legos and magnets in here with K-2. The 3-6 groups have been making different things. They made water slides out of paper towel rolls, tin foil, straws and plastic cups. They also made rain-makers. It’s been a lot of fun. The kids seem to enjoy their time in here.


From Christina Stomm, program director:

Hello, from the Art room. I hope you are staying warm out there lately. The snow is so deep and fun. Pretty soon we will be able to make tunnels everywhere, just like when we were kids.

To say I enjoy creating bulletin boards would be an understatement. I love entertaining and informing club members and visitors with my creativity on these boards. This month is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so the options are limitless. I created three boards and one door, so much fun. Not to mention the fun projects we get to do.


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