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Saturday, January 26, 2019
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Special Boys and Girls Club volunteers received recognition recently. Winning the inaugural Festival of Trees volunteer award is Jean Rogan (left) and winning the Club’s Bob (premier volunteer) award is Paul Huff (right). Photo courtesy of Abby Franks

Abby Franks, volunteer coordinator

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was the fitting day to honor many volunteers of the Boys andGirls Club, as Mr. King was a man of service and spoke to the importance of service in your community.

In 2018, the Club documented 4,289 volunteer hours gifted to the Club, equating to $103,000 of in-kind time given (when using the value of a volunteer hour per

The Club hosted an appreciation event, celebrating volunteers. The volunteers invited were those who had been selected as our Volunteers of the Month in 2018, business partners of the Club, Farm to Table program volunteers, volunteers on our Club’s board committees and the Club’s Board Members.

It was an exciting moment to award our very first Festival of Trees award to Jean Rogan and our second Bob Award (the Club’s premiere Volunteer Award) to Paul Huff. Special thanks to staff member Eadie Schultz who made the awards that highlighted fingerprints of our Club kids.

Jean has been a long time volunteer of the Festival of Trees. You will find her name peppered throughout the program of the Festival, as she has been responsible for these fun elements of the Festival of Trees: establishment of the Adopt a Tree program, implementation of window art and chair decorating, the Silent Auction as well as the Live Auction.We calculated the number of years Jean has been involved, multiplied by an approximate monetary figure she has helped to generate each year, and discovered Jean is responsible for an astonishing $34,000 raised for the Club over the years

Paul Huff was awarded the Bob Award - the Club’s Premiere Volunteer Award named after longtime Club volunteers Bob Passow and Bob Papp. Paul is a weekly volunteer at the Club, and has been serving the Club for over 10 years. Each week he travels to Albertsons, carries donated groceries in his truck and delivers them to the Club, where he is met with a flight of stairs up which he must carry about five loads each week. We figure he gives 1.5 hours each week, thus over the 10-plus years, he has given near 1,000 hours.

Of course, it requires support to make the event happen. We would like to recognize: Vickie Ungefugfor the beautiful setting, Club Youth Development professionals and kids for sharing a thank-you presentation at the event,Mariah Martinezand her teen kids (Dylan and Amber), as well as younger Club kids Lilly Hess and Bella Instasi for their energy in serving. We also appreciate Elisabeth Martell for sharing positive words, and Trent Hessand Paytin Belden for their clean-up help at the end.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club, please call 535-2257.



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