Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Some kindergarten and first-grade club members rest after enjoying parachute time in the Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown’s fitness room.

Photo courtesy of the Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown

From Abby Franks, Club Director:

The Club had a really special day over the holiday season honoring local businesses and organizations who support the Club through the Be Great campaign which specifically supports the after school program of the Boys and Girls Club. The staff hosted a cupcake and hot chocolate social while the kids gave our special guests a tour of the BG Club building.

We appreciate these great folks for their attendance, for the staff who helped organize, especially Tracy Huck, and for the kids who helped host. The “Be Great” sponsors include: Title Sponsor, First Bank of Montana; Snack Sponsor, Lewistown Board of Realtors; Wheels on the Bus Sponsor(s),
Knights of Columbus, Realty Title; Lights on Afterschool Sponsor, Central Electric; Safe Place Sponsor: Lewistown Rental


Appreciation for Jacqueline and board members

I would like, as well as the Club as a whole, to say thank you to Jacqueline Mercenier for her three-plus years of dedication to the Boys and Girls Club.  Jacqueline retired from the Club on Dec. 31 from being your Boys and Girls Club Art Director.  Jacqueline was strong in the fine arts, showing the kids much exposure in painting and art history.  Jacqueline was also great to share her experience in meditation, nutrition and love of health through spending time in the outdoors. Best of luck to Jacqueline.  

The Club would also like to thank Amber, Jean and Laura for their years of service on the BG Club Board.  The Club is proud to have an engaged and active Board of Directors and these three gals were quality examples of the great board members we are fortunate to have serve. We wish you the best and thank you for your past years’ commitments. 


30 Days of Beef Raffle

The Club is working hard to overcome a funding deficit in our food program and will be “Doubling the Prizes and Doubling the Fun” on our 30 Days of Beef Raffle.  We are currently working with local ranchers to “Beef” up our prizes.  Donate from a whole beef to a few pounds of hamburger - we couple the prizes together to have lots of winners and lots of prizes!  Contact Bill Steele at 366-3969 to find out more information. 


Wells Fargo Montana Island Challenge

Save the date for the July 8th Montana Island Challenge.  New location for this year - Cottonwood Log Cabins Ranch located 10 minutes west of Lewistown, Al Lake’s property.  Friend us on Facebook to keep up on the happenings.  Website to be updated soon with all of the details.


From Eadie Schultz, Fitness Director:

Kids are on the move in the sports and fitness room with group games of Emoji Ball, Tic Tac Toe, hula hoops, four cones, jump rope, relays, tag and team floor puzzle challenges. Individual activities throughout the month were Wii Sports, pool challenges, bumper pool, air hockey, hula-hoops, jump ropes, kinetic sand, and construction with Legos and Lincoln Logs. Word searches and hidden pictures with Tenzi and card games took up the booth spaces, while yoga balls and beach balls challenged the “on the floor” dodge ball games. Boot camp is a daily happening for all age groups, and physical improvement and enthusiasm makes me very happy. We are looking forward to a bit warmer weather so we can add capture the flag in the snow.  


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