Boys & Girls Club Happenings

Boys and Girls Club members provide tours of the facility for Be Great Sponsors.

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the Boys and Girls Club

From Abby Franks, club director:

“30 Days of Beef” raffle

The Club is working hard to overcome a funding deficit in our food program and will be “Doubling the Prizes and Doubling the Fun” on our 30 Days of Beef raffle. We are currently working with local ranchers to “beef” up our prizes. Donate from a whole beef to a few pounds of hamburger – we couple the prizes together to have groups of prizes and then “lots” of prizes. Contact Bill Steele at 366-3969 to find out more information.


Wells Fargo Montana Island Challenge

Save the date for the July 8 Montana Island Challenge. There’s a new location for this year – Cottonwood Log Cabins Ranch, located 10 minutes west of Lewistown at Al Lake’s property. Friend us on Facebook to keep up on the happenings. The event website will be updated soon with all of the details:


From Kimberly Haynes, tobacco prevention specialist/teen director:

Your Montana Tobacco Prevention Specialist has been working hard to bring you different ways to make your new year 2017 a healthy one. Check out the QuitLine billboard on your way into town. In addition, you will see an advertisement before you see a movie at the Judith Theater. As always, if you need help with ending use of tobacco products, please call Kim 535-2257. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy new year.


From Jenny Casman, social recreation director:

Hello once again from the Social Recreation room. We started a Farkle tournament the kids really seem to enjoy. Last month’s gamers awards went to Jacob Simac and Katelin Hullmann. Congrats to them both. I have also been taking kids ice-skating on Tuesday and Thursday. There are still a few spots available for the Tuesday group.  You can sign your child up at the Club for a small fee. Have a great new year.


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