Buffalo's MIkkelson wrestles steer down in 4.7 seconds

Doreen Heintz
Sports Editor

Bryant Mikkelson heads for a winning time of 4.7 seconds in steer wrestling during the Central Montana Fair PRCA Rodeo on Thursday.           Photos by Doreen Heintz

Tyrell J. Smith of Great Falls scores an 83 on this ride to win the saddle bronc competition at this year’s Lewistown rodeo.

Ty Wallace of Collbran, Colo. prepares to dismount from his bull. Wallace scored 90 points on his ride to take first place in bull riding.

Three teams of cow milkers showed rodeo fans just how hard it is to milk a wild cow during competition following the regular rodeo on Thursday evening.

Central Montana rodeo fans cheered when a local favorite was introduced as the first steer wrestler in Thursday’s night rodeo performance. The audience cheered even louder when Buffalo’s Bryant Mikkelson wrestled his steer to the ground in 4.7 seconds. Mikkelson’s time put him in first place in steer wrestling, beating all of the steer wrestlers from Wednesday night’s performance. Mikkelson then had to wait until 10 other steer wrestlers had their turn on Thursday night before he took first place and pocketed $1,794. Those winnings will undoubtly move Mikkelson up in the standings of the Montana PRCA Pro Rodeo circuit standings.
Thursday’s night crowd saw a tremendous ride by Ty Wallace of Colbran, Colo. As the last rider of the night, Wallace rode “Gator” to a score of 90 in the bull riding competition. Wallace pocketed $1,675 with the first-place ride. Stanford’s Luke Gee was also in the bull-riding competition, but he was unable to stay on “King Buck” for the required eight seconds. In fact, only four bull riders were able to stay on top of their bulls for the required time during both Wednesday and Thursday’s competition.
Great Falls’ Tyrell Smith won the saddle bronc riding with a score of 83 on Thursday night. He was the final rider in Thursday’s competition and edged out Travis Nelson who scored an 82 on Wednesday. Smith won $1,849 for his first-place finish.
Dustin Bird and Russell Cardoza won the team roping title on Wednesday with a time of 4.5 seconds. The two each pocketed $1,499. Two local cowboys, Bill Boyce of Lewistown and Chaz Kananen, both took no times in team roping on Thursday. Boyce teamed with Jesse Fleming of Wolf Point, while Kananen partnered with Kyle DeSauveur of Roberts.
Cardoza also won the tie-down roping competition with a time of 9.3 seconds on Wednesday. The two wins gave Cardoza $3,488 in both events to win the all-around cowboy honors at the Central Montana Rodeo.
Connor Hamilton won the bareback competition with a score of 80 points aboard “Union Square.” Hamilton won $1,523. Taking first in the ladies’ barrel racing was Cayla Melby of Burneyville, Okla. Melby and her horse rounded the three barrels in a time of 17.33 seconds to win $2,069.
Following are the final results for the Central Montana Ram Pro Rodeo from Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
All-around cowboy: Russell Cardoza, $3,488.
Bareback riding: 1. Connor Hamilton, 80, $1,523; 2. Jeffrey ZdZiarski, 77, $1,154; 3. Tristan Hansen, 76, $831; 4. Wyatt Bloom, 75, $554; 5. J.R. Vezain, 74, $323; 6. (tie) George Gillespie IV and Clint Griffis, 73, $115 each.
Steer wrestling: 1. Bryant Mikkelson, 4.7, $1,794; 2. Seth Brockman, 5.0, $1,560; 3. Collin Johnson, 5.4, $1,326; 4. (tie) Beau Clark, Bridger Chambers and Hank Hollenbeck, 5.6, $858; 7. (tie) Kolby Bignell and Dan Mulkey, 5.7, $273 each.
Team roping: 1. Dustin Bird/Russell Cardoza, 4.5, $1,499 each; 2. Brady Tryan/Tommy Zuniga, 4.7, $1,241; 3. Casey Tew/Justin Viles, 4.9, $982; 4. Nolan Conway/Dylan Johnson, 5.0, $724; 5. Delon Parker/Ryan Zurcher, 5.3, $465; 6. (tie) Max Kuttler/Ike Folsom and Gene Harry/Clint Harry, 5.4, $129 each.
Saddle bronc riding: 1. Tyrell J. Smith, 83, $1,849; 2. Travis Nelson, 82, $1,401; 3. Chase Brooks, 80, $1,008; 4. Josh Davison, 79, $672; 5. Chanse Darling, 77, $392; 6. Blazer Hamaker, 76, $280.
Tie-down roping: 1. Russell Cardoza, 9.3, $1,989; 2. Jerrad Hofstetter, 9.4, $1,730; 3. (tie) Matt Peters and Jayce Johnson, 9.7, $1,340 each; 5. Kody Lahaye, 10.2, $951; 6. (tie) Bryant Mikkelson, Clint Kindred and Dennis Luetge, 10.5, $432.
Barrel racing: 1. Cayla Melby, 17.33, $2,069; 2. Jana Griemsman, 17.42, $1,773; 3. Ashley Sudan, 17.50, $1,478; 4. Emily Kallenberger, 17.56, $1,281; 5. Lisa Lockhart, 17.65, $985; 6. Kristi Steffes, 17.66, $788; 7. Katie Rasmussen, 17.74; $591; 8. Lisa Anderson, 17.76, $394; 9. Kaela Murphy, 17.84, $296; 10. Cranna Roberts, 17.85, $197.
Bull riding: 1. Ty Wallace, 90, $1,675; 2. Cole Wagner, 88, $1,269; 3. Riker Carter, 86.5, $914; 4. Parker Breeding, 86, $609; no other qualified rides.
The stock contractor for the Central Montana Fair PRCA Rodeo was Sankey Rodeo Company of Joliet, Mont., while Marty Campbell of Pendleton, Ore., was the announcer for the rodeo.



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