Building remodel reflects banking family


The vision for the front of the Lewistown Bank of the Rockies branch.

Graphic courtesy of Bank of the Rockies

Family and banking are two things most people don’t mix, but for Mike Grove, the blend is essential. As president and CEO of Bank of the Rockies, he emphasizes a strong connection between branches, an attitude reflected in the remodel of the Lewistown location.

“When we came to Lewistown, we bought the [current] office from Western Security Banks,” he explained. “Over time, our bank has developed a certain look that we like our buildings to have.”

Architectural plans provided by Bank of the Rockies accent sharply angled gables over windows and entrances. Drawings also show the branch keeping its grass and gardens. Grove described the remodel as a display of dedication to customers and employees.

“This is simply a way to show the community that we’re committed to it, and to improve the look and feel of the banking experience,” he said. “We also want to make the building look like the others, and make it look like part of our banking family.”

The remodel isn’t all for looks, though. Grove said the parking lot would be completely redone, and new wiring and technology will be added inside. The work will even create more useable workspace.

“We’re going to develop office space downstairs for future expansion,” he said.

None of the remodel, however, is focused on expanding services right now.

“Our bank takes great pride that it offers complete services, so I think right now, it’s not that we’re going to be adding new services,” he said. “It’s more to make the banking experience more of a pleasure. We hope it’s a great addition to the community.”



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